Belmar Technologies is a proven provider for both individual process equipment and a total solutions integrator for the water, industrial effluent and environmental control industries.

We design, build, install, commission and service complete industrial wastewater treatment systems for a wide range of sectors including:

  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Metal refining
  • Surface finishing
  • Chemical industry

Belmar has significant technical expertise which enables us to offer our clients the best possible water treatment solutions to meet environmental, commercial and operational requirements.

We work with our clients to ensure that scarce water resources are safeguarded and valuable by-products of the waste treatment process, such as precious and semi-precious metals, oil and chemicals, are recovered. The investment which our clients make in their waste treatment systems can be significant and therefore we will always investigate whether there is an economic opportunity to generate a return on the initial outlay or reduce future operating costs.

Copper Pipes

The wide variety of technologies which we work with include:

  • Ion exchange
  • Vacuum evaporation
  • Membrane filtration
  • UV oxidation and disinfection
  • Chemical treatments
  • Reverse Osmosis

We have reference plants in Europe and the USA.

As well as the provision of complete wastewater treatment systems we supply a number of individual water treatment products including UV disinfection systems, industrial mixers and hydrocyclones as well as a range of own brand chemicals.

Mixer Image

Our after-sales service includes the availability of various service contracts and a full range of spare parts and consumables to ensure that plant performance is optimised.

For further information about any of our products or services please contact us on +44 (0)1327 586008 or