Wastewater Treatment Plant

Apple TechnologyApple is a leading software and hardware company best known for their unique technology such as the iPhone, iPad, iPod and MacBook. Apple has recently confirmed they are moving into the wastewater sector and is paying for a treatment facility that will allow them to reuse the water they use for evaporative cooling throughout their Datacenter in Prineville, Oregon.

Apple’s Data Centre

Apple’s data centre plays a key role within the company’s online music and video streaming, iMessage messaging service, photo storage and FaceTime video chat. Currently, Apple has one hundred and thirty contractors and employees working in Prineville, along with the three hundred construction workers responsible for building the new data centre.

What Does This Wastewater System Do?

By recycling their water the city believes Apple will save up to five million gallons of water per year. The new facility will be situated west of town, alongside Prineville’s current water treatment plant and the recycled water will be sourced from the city’s sewage system, water that would otherwise have been less meticulously treated. It is reported that the facility will treat water to a such a high level that it will be clean enough to drink. However, the city has stated the water will not be distributed back into the city’s general water supply.

Aside from re-using water, the city has established that the treatment centre will be capable of reducing the mineral content within Apple’s data centre, enabling them to use it for cooling before sending it to the new facility for treatment.

Apple LogoApple

Apple has previously been declared as Prineville’s top water user, consuming up to twenty seven million gallons of water so far this year. However, they are committed to giving their best efforts to preserve natural resources. Apple endorse their use of wind energy in order to power the Prineville data centre and has said the new wastewater treatment centre is a manifestation of their environmental stewardship.

Although Apple has not yet released a total of how much they will be paying for the new wastewater facility, it is believed the company’s tab will reach the million dollar zone.

The treatment centre will also have the potential to expand greatly, in order to serve new data centres and other industries that may move to Prineville.


Facebook LogoFacebook also have a complex of Prineville data centres and uses an average of 10.5 million gallons of water each year to cool their facility, most of which is drawn from wells. It is rumoured that Facebook will follow in Apple’s footsteps of investing a wastewater treatment facility, however, this has not yet been made official.


What Does this Mean for Prineville

Oregon is amongst the most appealing locations in the country in regards to large data centres - this may be due to there being no sales tax on computers.

Prineville developed their water capacity a number of years ago, aiming to handle the inrush of data centres, yet the city predicted that the water constraints could refrain further economic development. The city engineers then turned to wastewater recycling as a chance to attract more business and develop the city’s industrial capacity.

Prineville are not currently discussing any new data centre companies, although the new treatment facility has the potential to help them to attract other industrial users that use mass volumes of water, such as sawmills and biomass electricity generators.Oregon

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