Belmar Technologies has been appointed to supply a Waste Automation System to Quaker Chemical Corporation in Detroit. The end customer is the US Steel Corporation also in Detroit.

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This automated package will give an oversight of the existing waste system operation which is currently dependant on samples being taken manually on a regular basis, manual reports being written after laboratory analysis of the samples and operator intervention to make necessary adjustments.

Waste feed data will be constantly monitored (for metals and pH) and this will give early warning of any potential high load on the waste system. Chemical additions will be automatic to ensure optimum pH conditions for zinc precipitation. Sludge monitoring is included via turbidity control to indicate any solids carry over and there will be a final metals analysis and pH monitoring prior to discharge to the environment.

A critical part of the new system is analysis equipment supplied by Metrohm UK.

Removing the constraints of the existing system which is labour intensive and subject to human delays and errors, this new real time system will generate high quality datalogging and reporting with critical SMS and email alerts where requested.

The new system is expected to be fully operational by Autumn 2017.

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