Belmar has just completed a new waste treatment system for a Titanium recycle facility in Detroit MI.

Global Titanium produces the 70% grade of ferrotitanium and with over 10,000 MT of annual capacity, is one of the largest producers of this grade in the world. Global employ a crushing and washing process for titanium turnings. Global's operation has a cleaning process to guarantee a recycled product with a low carbon content.

Belmar designed an innovative technology that recycles 60% of the water used for the process and concentrates the oil concentrate into a form that can be disposed safely offsite. Water discharged to drain meets low ppm levels for Copper, Titanium and oil.

The system technology includes a Berghof membrane system to remove oil load and precipitated metal waste before the water is recycled back to the cleaning operation.  

The project was designed in the UK with major equipment sourced directly in the USA.

Belmar are keen to look for new projects in the USA and are actively looking for a sales partner.