Microfloat® irradiates the water, and the walls of the tank above and below the water level as well as the air above the surface with UV-C-light, so that the water is sterile and no bio-film can grow. This ensures that the water is disinfected and also reinfection of the water is eliminated.

Microfloat® disinfects the whole tank (liquid, atmosphere and tank surface) by building up a germ barrier.

Closed Tank Disinfection Diagram

This chemical free solution provides a higher efficiency compared to chemicals because bacteria and fungus cannot develop UV-irradiation resistance. The disinfection is continuous and does not require the down time associated with biocide disinfection.

The combined disinfection solution can easily be built into any water vessel, with seamless integration and operation.

The retrofit of existing tanks is easily achieved.

Due to the low energy consumption and high efficiency Microfloat® is the optimum disinfection approach for all tanks with static and varying filling levels.

Technical Data Microfloat®

TypeVolumePowerUV-Flux at 254 nmA (mm)C (mm)
Microfloat® 3/0 up to 4 m³ 33 W 12 580 120
Microfloat® 3/1 up to 6 m³ 44 W 16 580 390

The data above is based on our standard products, tap water quality and fixed tank-size/flow-rate ratio. Please contact us for additional sizes and system requirements.

Typical Applications

  • Climate chambers (scrubber and humidifiers)
  • Cooling towers
  • Food and beverage
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Chemical industry
  • Surface technology
  • Drinking water storage

Custom Quotes

We can provide you with an UV disinfection system designed specifically for your requirements. In order to quote your system we will require the following information:

  • Tank dimensions: LxWxH or DxH in m
  • Filling volume in m³
  • Flow in m³/h
  • Water sample (50mL) or description of the water (e.g.: DI-Water, recycled water, rain water, ...)
  • Construction material of the tank
  • Temperature of the water to be treated

Closed Tank Disinfection Photo