Legionella can thrive in cooling/heating systems. Water can evaporate and water spray can carry harmful micro-organisms posing a significant threat to public health. UV Disinfection provides an effective non-chemical solution.

The disinfection of cooling towers by UV disinfection can easily be made possible with the correct integration  Our UV treatment systems include "in-situ UV disinfection" and "DIP" (Disinfection In Place), making it a safe and reliable process. Our cost effective legionella and bacteria control systems have the following advantages:

  • low running costs, low power and reduced chemical usage
  • less maintenance requirements
  • better water quality (clear water, no AOX, very low CFU)


Contact Belmar today to discuss your requirements.

We will require the following information to provide you with a quotation:

  1. Measurements of the wet well (LxWxH; height including water levels)
  2. Circulation rate in m³/h
  3. Estimated evaporation rate in m³/h
  4. Cooling power in KW or MW
  5. 50 mL water sample taken from cooling tower
  6. 2-3 photos of the unit in its original state.

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