Delta Diablo is a wastewater recovery centre located in California, serving a population of nearly 200,000. They first began transforming their industry sixteen years ago, with the state’s first ever industrial recycled water facility.

Delta Diablo are the leading agency for recycled water policy change in the Western United States. They produce high quality, recycled water for sporting facilities, schools, parks and industrial use. Delta Diablo has been named a ‘showcase’ for how to save energy and water, and on average converts twelve gallons of wastewater into something usable each day. Delta Diablo’s water resource recovery services include; pollution prevention, street sweeping, energy recovery, recycled water and distribution, beneficial reuse of biosolids and the conventional treatment of wastewater.

The centre also operates a household hazardous waste collection facility in order to keep toxins such as automotive fluids, old home and garden products, personal care products, and e-waste out of the environment.

Why is Delta Diablo so Effective?

Delta Diablo receive large amounts of oils, grease and fats from local restaurants to assist biogas production in digesters. From contracting with local grease hustlers, on average Delta Diablo receive 10,000 gallons of oils, grease and fats every day throughout the working week.

Digested material produced by the digesters is transformed into biosolids, as they are mainly made up of organic materials. After being sent to the dewatering unit, the biosolids are then land-applied for use as fertilizer.

The anaerobic digesters that Delta Diablo employ differ slightly from other digesters, as during the digestion process methane gas is created, this gas is used to generate power that is then used within the cogeneration facility and throughout the treatment process to keep the plant up and running.

The centre has also installed solar arrays to generate clean electricity from the sun, including five large solar panel shade structures. These five structures have the ability to provide 450kW for the Delta Diablo plant operations building, lowering the percentage of the centre’s power needs. The array was constructed over the employee car park in order to keep their cars cool under the sun.

Recycled Water

With regard to reusing water, Delta Diablo is near the top of the charts as ninety percent of the recycled water created at the centre is pumped into two of the district's power generation plants where it is used in cooling towers - Delta Energy Centre, which produces 880MW of power and Los Medanos Energy Centre, which produces an average of 572MW.

Wastewater TreatmentThe remaining ten percent is plumbed through the pipeline, extending into Antioch, Pittsburg and Bay Point. This ten percent provides enough water for landscape irrigation at two golf courses, sixteen schools and twelve parks.

Delta Diablo also operate a residential recycled water fill station which released two million gallons of recycled water to approximately five hundred permitted users during 2015. The board of directors has stated that they provide this service on a ‘complimentary basis for their users to supplement their existing irrigation water supplies’.

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