Marine Propeller

This is the classic three-bladed boat propeller. The step of the propeller is identical to the diameter of the hub. This component is made of die-cast SS316LL low-carbon corrosion-resistant stainless steel, with PP plastic infusion. Available in 5 different diameters: 90/110/130/140/160 (all measurements in mm).

Sabre Type Turbines – 3 Blades

Impeller Sabre Type 1

Excellent Model 3PM-1084

This is a rotating triple-blade turbine. The blades have a sabre profile with a high hydrodynamic profile. It is designed for low torque. The Excellent Model produces the highest flow rate for the lowest peripheral speed of any similar turbine on the market. This turbine model is recommended for use in crystallisation and flocculation, as well as applications with viscous products.

The Excellent Model should be a first choice in ducted applications, such as the recirculation of sludge, carbonation and clariflocculator functions (flocculation and clarification in a single tank). The turbine is available in diameters of 200 to 3200mm, and can be assembled in three separate parts.

Impeller Sabre Type 2

Evolution Model 3PM-0030

Like the Excellent, the Evolution is a three-bladed sabre profile turbine with a high hydrodynamic profile. The Evolution is a variant of the Hurricane Model (see below) which mounts velocity gradients inside the rotor casings. This allows the large-diameter Evolution Model to be positioned close to the bottom of tanks.

The Evolution is perfect for application in mixing processes that must continue until a tank or basin must be completely empty. This turbine is available in diameters from 1650 to 3500mm, and can be assembled in three separate parts.

Hurricane Model 3PM-0134

The Hurricane is the most popular cruising sabre on the market. It is a three-bladed rotating impeller, again with a high hydrodynamic profile. It is available in diameters of between 900 and 1500mm, and can be assembled in three separate parts.

Master Model 3PM-0242

The Master Model three-blade sabre turbine has a special design refinement. The rotation of the impeller produced a centrifugal ‘self-cleaning’ effect. This makes the Master useful in ‘dirtier’ applications involving solid fibres and lint, as it will not jam up through agglomeration of debris. The Master Model is frequently used in the denitrification process. It is available in diameters from 1600 to 3400mm, and can be assembled in three separate parts.

Turbines – 2 and 4 Blades

Premium Model 2PM-0650

Impeller Turbine Type 1

The Premium is a two-blade sabre-type turbine with a high hydrodynamic profile. It is a variant of the 3PM-1084 turbine, which reverses direction of the blades. The Premium is intended for applications that require fluids to be treated delicately. The blades have a wide surface area and are designed to run at low speed. This prevents the violent separation of fluids from the surface of one blade and excessive impacts with the next.

These properties make the Premium the best impeller to apply to the primary flocculation process of water. The Premium is available in diameters from 800 to 3000mm and can be assembled in two separate parts.

4-Blade Turbine with 45° Incline Pitched Blades

Impeller Turbine Type 2

This is a general-purpose turbine. It is widely used in various water-treatment applications for its excellent cost-effectiveness. This impeller is available in diameters from 200 to 2000mm and can be assembled in two separate parts.

Certain Impellers can also be supplied as part of a bespoke mixer arrangement.

Bespoke Mixer Arrangements

Cowles Impeller

This disc-shaped impeller is normally used in the paint industry to disperse pigments. It reduces the dissolution time for such materials with a design that favours shock impacts at high speed to quickly spread ingredients throughout the tank. It is available in diameters of 75 to 750mm.

Turbo Impeller

This is a cylindrical impeller designed for general-purpose usage. It is most widely employed in irrigation applications and fertiliser spreading. Constructed in white polythene, it is available in 130mm diameter only.

Anchor Impeller

This U-shaped, vertically mounted impeller is normally employed in the food and cosmetics industries to mix viscous products or to help in heat exchange. In the pharmaceutical industry it is used in the crystallization process. The anchor-type impeller is frequently employed as universal rotor in small tanks for multi-purpose applications, including those which involve phase changes. The design and dimensions of the anchor impeller are directly related to the size and dimensions of the tank it will be fitted in.

Rushton Turbine – Flat Blade

This disc-shaped radial turbine has 6 flat blades. Unlike the 4 pitched-blade general purpose turbine, which promotes the movement of liquids from the bottom to the top of its tank, the Rushton Turbine creates a downward-force movement, with strong turbulence, below the impeller head. It creates a powerful micro-vortex within a tank, making it ideal for the creation of chemical reactions and in gas-liquid contact processes. The Rushton Turbine is excellent for creating emulsions of otherwise immiscible liquids. It is available in diameters from 100 to 400mm.