Stellar Water Mixers (Smaller Tanks)

These are lightweight industrial mixers, ideal for smaller-scale water treatment applications they are intended to be used in tanks of up to 180m3 in capacity.

These mixers will accept the following five impeller heads:

  • Marine Propeller
  • Excellent Model Sabre 3pm-1084
  • Hurricane Model Sabre 3pm-0134
  • 4-Blade Turbine - 45° Inclined Blades
  • Premium Model Sabre 2pm-0650

Cogent Water Mixers (Larger Tanks)

Larger-size industrial mixers, without mechanical seals, intended for heavy-duty work in tanks of much greater size. Cogent range mixers can be installed in tanks and basins of up to 1500m3 capacity. Cogent mixer equipment is characterised by impellers of up to 3.5m in diameter mounted at the end of shafts up to 6m long.

Cogent mixers will accept the following four impeller heads:

  • Premium Model Sabre 2pm-0650
  • Evolution Model Sabre 3pm-0030
  • Master Model Sabre 3pm-0242
  • 4-Blade Turbine – 45° Inclined Blades

Cogent mixers can be constructed in AISI304 or AISI316 stainless steel and may also have special coatings applied such as ebonite or rubber.

Between them, Stellar and Cogent mixers are designed for optimum energy-efficiency throughout. All impeller heads are specially designed to be very 'clean' in hydrodynamic terms, reducing the amount of power required to drive their blades.