South Africa WaterJohannesburg is the biggest city in South Africa, it is also the capital of Gauteng which is the wealthiest province in South Africa. Johannesburg Water is investigating water reuse options with the aim to create world class sanitation and high quality water for the people of Johannesburg. This investigation of water reuse will interest customers who may want to use treated wastewater for non drinking purposes.

This investigation plays a key role in Johannesburg Water’s programme of improving the quality water - the aim of which is to replace high quality potable water with treated effluent for safe, non drinking purposes, thus lowering the demand for potable water.

Johannesburg Water also believe this process will count towards lowering pollution through the reduction of treated water, from the wastewater treatment works in South Africa.

Customers Interested in Treated Wastewater

Recycled WaterCustomers have been asked to state their intended use, the period they are most likely going to use and need their reused water, along with their quality and quantity requirements. Those who are most likely going to need this water are institutions such as school, farms, parks, stadiums and industrial establishments. Johannesburg Water must be prepared and use this information in its planning for future delivery.

These customer interests will give Johannesburg Water an indication of the demand for this service and the requirements involved and will, therefore, lead to better planning towards the process of treating the water.

How Will Customers Benefit?

Customers will benefit from this treated water as the recycled water is affordable and reliable. Without further treatment, the water is also high in natural nutrients that may lower fertilizer requirements.

Industrial customers will also benefit greatly, as the additional treatment to increase water quality has been proven to be economically more feasible, whilst being ecologically sound.

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