Bespoke Industrial Wastewater Treatment

Belmar has extensive knowledge of industrial wastewater treatment solutions with reference plants around the world.

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We understand that in order to produce a successful waste treatment system it is necessary to take a variety of factors into consideration and these will include:

  • Compliance with Environmental Regulation
  • Recovery of reusable resources such as chemicals
  • Recovery of saleable resources such as metals
  • Reduction of water consumption through recycling
  • Capital budget
  • Operating cost reduction

Belmar engineering staff will work closely with the client to gain a full understanding of their manufacturing process and the wastewater that is to be treated.  Laboratory testing will ensure that the composition of the waste is clearly documented and this forms the basis of the design of the treatment system.  The scope of the design can be extended to meet additional requirements such as the recovery of saleable resources - the payback for this type of discretionary investment can often present an attractive proposition.

In order to design a system which will meet the client's expectations – environmental, financial and operational - and also satisfy the regulatory authorities we will evaluate and propose a variety of approaches with different costs and benefits so the client is assured that the final solution chosen is the best one for their particular circumstances.

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Pilot Unit

We appreciate that investment in a waste treatment system can be a significant undertaking and so we can offer on site small scale pilot units - generally such plant would be containerised for easy integration with the client's existing equipment.

Belmar Ion Exchange System

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Belmar's ion exchange technology is the perfect solution for maintaining high quality metal finishing rinsewater.

The benefits are evident:

  • Reduced or eliminated discharge to drain
  • Reduced charges for water treatment and use
  • Improvement in plating quality and fewer rejects

The removal of process bath contamination will produce the opportunity to use complimentary technologies to recover metals for reuse. Another benefit will be a reduction to bath maintenance costs and an increase to their expected lifespan.

Our system is designed to ensure simple site installation.  Skid mounted and factory wired an entry level system will include pre-filtration, cation and ion resin filled ion exchange columns , conductivity monitors and alarms, recirculation pump, regenerant make up tanks with pumps and a control panel with PLC and HMI controller.

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The system can be extended to include equipment such as a batch treatment system, metal plating and vacuum evaporation.  All options will be fully discussed at the preliminary design stage.

Belmar uses high quality ion exchange resins manufactured in Germany.

Continuous Operation

Continuity of operation is important and to ensure this our system can be provided with an additional set of resin columns.  This means that there is no interruption to waste treatment while resin is being regenerated.  This approach is extremely successful in enabling the client to continuously meet it's environmental obligations.

Metal Recovery

The metal laden regenerant from the ion exchange columns can be processed using our electrowinning system to recover the metals.  Once the regenerant has been treated in this way it can either be discharged or, if zero discharge is required, sent to an evaporator for concentration and before being hauled off site.

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Copper and Nickel

Belmar's electrowinning technology has been specially designed to recover high purity copper and nickel (typically 99.9% and 99.5% respectively) which can be sold on the open market at an expected yield of 95% of the LME value. Our refinery based process can recover up to 500kg/day of high purity copper and nickel.