Our service agreements cover services to include inspection and calibration, incidental cleaning and minor adjustments which can be made in the field.

The minimum work to be carried out as part of a service visit would typically comprise the following:

Regeneration System

Check regeneration of one stream on each system.

This will include the following:

  • Chemical draw rates and volumes.
  • Impact volume and duration.
  • Pre-Inject volume and duration.
  • Inject volume and duration.
  • Displacement Rinse volume and duration.
  • Final Rinse volume and duration.

Check operation of:

  • Automatic valves and sequences.
  • Flow establishment interlocks.
  • Regen inhibit conditions for low reagent, regen water etc.
  • Level probes and auto makeup in regen chemical tanks.
  • Check all chemical delivery and water pumps for correct operation.
  • Calibrate pH and redox probes.
  • General inspection of plant for leaks, breakages etc.
  • Check pumps for operation temperature and vibration.

Effluent Plant

Waste produced from the process will be processed through the effluent plant which will be checked for the following:

  • Correct operation of all pumps.
  • Function of run signals on demand from controllers.
  • Buffering of meters, ensure no hunting of system.
  • Level controls in reagent tanks clean and check.
  • Check all alarm functions for treatment failure.

A full service report is issued after each visit complete with comments concerning aspects of engineering, chemical set up and any health and safety issues, which may be found.