Portable Wastewater Treatment Systems

Portable Water and Wastewater Treatment Systems are perfect for applications such as military-based operations as they allow users to produce clean, fresh water from any natural source such as seawater, brackish wells and turbid surface water. Portable Water and Wastewater Treatment Systems can also treat and recycle water for distribution into the environment.

Portable Wastewater Treatment

Portable water purification units are fully functional water treatment systems that are stored in one compact assembly. They can produce up to 24,000 gallons of potable water from any naturally occurring water supply such as seawater, freshwater and brackish water each day, making them fully reliable and effective for military use.

Portable water purification units are easy to install, operate and maintain, whilst being easily transferable. Therefore, Portable water purification units can provide the perfect source of drinking water in remote locations.

These systems have been designed to have only three electrically actuated components - a pump, blower and one actuated valve. The units offer advanced technology to produce high-quality, treated water. Portable water purification units also use a unique ceramic microfilter before the reverse osmosis component, to avoid colloidal fouling of the reverse osmosis membrane.

The advanced components and simple construction, lead to a highly reliable, successful, portable wastewater treatment system.

Portable Sewage Treatment

Ceramic Membrane Bioreactors (CMBR) are complete modular wastewater treatment systems that are designed to treat industrial wastewater or domestic sewage, whilst supplying high quality effluent. Like Portable water purification units, the Ceramic Membrane Bioreactor is easy to transfer, install, operate and maintain.

These systems utilise modular skid housing for the membrane controls, modules, bioreactor, blowers and the recirculation pump. This leaves a compact system that requires minimal site preparation and a faster installation time.

All essential treatment supplies and equipment are included in a portable sewage treatment system. The system also utilises submerged ceramic, air-sourced flat-plate membrane modules to lower fouling. The membrane has a high-fouling resistance, even when it is subjected to hydrocarbons, oils or greases.

CMBR membrane modules produce superior flux rates for longer time periods, with no need for maintenance, when operated effectively. The Ceramic Membrane Bioreactors are armed with a computerised control system, that could be monitored remotely through a cellular modem. A manual override is fitted into the automatic control system, if manual control is essential.

Portable and Temporary Solutions

Portable systems, such as these, allow military-based applications to set up portable wastewater and potable sewage treatment, that requires little maintenance. The portable nature of these systems also allows them to be easily relocated from one base to the next. These systems can also be beneficial in areas that require disaster relief and other off-grid water treatment environments that may need a temporary solution.

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