Scottish WaterA planning application has recently been submitted by Scottish Water which would see two wastewater treatment works in Aberdeen united into a £15M project. The plan for the new and improved wastewater treatment works will provide a more efficient service for the growing community and help boost the local economy.

Currently, the treatment works are located on the two sides of the railway line that runs between Aberdeen and Inverness. The new plans will eventually retire the works located at the Port Elphinstone side of the tracks and the works on the opposite side will be transformed to offer improved capability and efficiency by creating an overall, smaller site footprint.

When merging the two sites Scottish Water will ensure that the new site complies with the environmental regulations while utilising the latest technology in order to reduce running costs and improve its performance.

The local population growth

The scheduled development follows a recent increase in the local population and the need to provide a more efficient service for the community. As well as providing a more secure, efficient and reliable service the new plant will also help to increase the local economy.

The local community

local community

It is expected that the transition will most likely be welcomed by the local community. Moving from the older site to an upgraded single site is also set to bring an increase to the security of service with as the new location for the wastewater treatment works is further elevated above river-level. This provides heightened protection of service by minimising the possibility of on-site flooding without affecting the floodplain.

The new site will bring cutting-edge wastewater treatment technology to the area alongside reducing its impact on the environment by providing a more efficient service. Belmar Technologies is a proven provider for both individual process equipment and a total solutions integrator for the water, industrial effluent and environmental control industries.Scotland

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