water management

Water is the largest natural resource on earth so it is vital that we sustain a high level of water management. In a recent study by Arcadis and the Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR) levels of sustainable water management were  measured in cities across the globe and compiled into a list of top fifty cities.

Each country was ranked against three main factors: efficiency of water use, resilience of the  water system and the quality of its water. At the moment Europe leads the world on water management with eight out of its top ten cities being ranked in the top fifty positions. Three of which are within the UK: Birmingham came out ninth, Manchester tenth and London twenty-first. However Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Copenhagen have been named as the top three best cities in the world for sustainable water management.

Rotterdam #1

Rotterdam skyline

Rotterdam has been labelled as the ‘water city of the future’ and was named the top performing city worldwide, scoring first place in the top fifty chart. Although Rotterdam showed strong performances across all criteria, the main contributor to the city achieving first place was its high performance in the “resilience of water system” category. Rotterdam was particularly recognised for taking a proactive approach to water stewardship and its robust protection against floods.

The Top Five

Copenhagen, the Danish capital, was not far behind Rotterdam securing second place, closely followed by Amsterdam, Berlin and Brussels.

The Bottom of the Pile 

South Asia GlobeThe cities at the bottom of the index were commonly located in South Asia: New Delhi was ranked fiftieth, Mumbai forty-ninth,Manila forty-eighth and Jakarta in forty-seventh position. Many of the cities at the bottom of the rankings suffer from a lack of urban green space, which may have had a negative impact on the resilience of their water systems, particularly within cities throughout Asia and the Middle East.

Global Risks

After collating these results the World Economic Forum has now stated that the water crisis is one of the top three highest global risks to the environment, people and economies in terms of impact in 2016. Water demand continues to increase. Decision makers have been informed of urban water issues and how to manage and use water more sustainably in the hope that it will make cities more environmentally and economically stable.

Reports show that it is essential that people are aware and understand that sustainable water management  is not only about water, but that it is also about the governmental, social and economic challenges that come with it. Becoming aware of climate change also extends to the formation of society including, social cohesion, income, employment and a range of contributions not usually built into water management.

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