Wastewater Treatment PlantsThe US Army’s wastewater treatment plants treat from 0.003 gallons to 8 million gallons of wastewater every day. The varying quantities of wastewater that they produce has recently called for them to evaluate their current water systems and they have since recognised the importance for sustainable wastewater treatment, leading them to trial self-powered wastewater treatment systems.

Self-Powered Wastewater Treatment

The US Army are currently operating over one hundred wastewater treatment plants of which 75% use trickling filters. In an attempt to better manage their wastewater treatment the army will be piloting self-powered wastewater system, BioVolt, created by Cambrian Innovation.

BioVolt not only produces fresh, clean water but also generates its own energy to power the system. The partnership between the US Army and the Cambrian Innovation team will demonstrate BioVolt’s ability to treat wastewater with no ounce of electrical input from the grid for aeration.

The BioVolt wastewater treatment system trial will take place at the Naval Surface Warfare Centre in the Carderock Division, Maryland, and will evaluate the system for application at off-grid and forward operating base locations.


BioVolt is one of Cambrian Innovation’s many cutting-edge developments. Their flagship product is the EcoVolt Reactor - a bioelectric wastewater treatment system that transforms industrial wastewater into renewable methane gas and clean water.

Their latest development, BioVolt, directly extracts electricity from wastewater using electrical active microbes as catalysts within a fuel cell architecture. This process offers huge advantages for off-grid or grid-impaired locations such as army bases and camps. The BioVolt system is mobile, containerised and can be simply scaled for expanded capacity.

Managing water and wastewater can be an energy and labour intensive process, however the CEO of Cambrian Innovation believes that by producing electricity from wastewater and using energy efficient operations, BioVolt has the potential to decouple water and energy infrastructure and provide important strategic benefits not just the army, but for other applications such as disaster relief and other off-grid water treatment environments.

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