UK Wastewater Treatment

Throughout the years, the UK’s focus has transformed from building new, effective water works to advancing its existing works to modern standards, all aiming to enhance quality and improve efficiency.

Most of the UK’s wastewater treatment plants were constructed in the late 19th to early 20th century, when the population was just 40 million and when computers did not exist.

Nowadays, wastewater treatment plants are under an intense amount of pressure to meet the needs of an ever growing population - which is expected to be double that of the 20th century by 2039 - whilst doing so in an environmentally sustainable way.

Employing EngineersEngineers

This intense pressure is sparking a number of upgrade projects and has produced a number of job opportunities. Engineers need a variety of skills and musn’t be afraid of taking on challenges.

Generally, companies need engineers across a range of design disciplines - electrical, civil, mechanical and process design - along with commissioning and civil state engineers.

Every site is unique and holds a number of different challenges, so working on upgrading projects is a great opportunity for engineers to learn new skills and test their problem solving abilities along the way.

Upgrading Projects Underway


Davyhulme in Greater Manchester is the largest wastewater treatment works in the UK. Overall, £200 million will be invested into the site, which will integrate today’s technology, allowing processes to become better controlled and more efficient. The purpose of this technology is to gather data on water flows and is aiming to provide continuous advancement in the efficiency of data capture, processes and analysis.

The third year of the upgrading project is approaching and there is a demand for engineers with software commissioning experience to assist in identifying, monitoring and evaluating opportunities to enhance the methods of wastewater treatment.


Mogden Sewage Treatment Plant in West London is the second largest in the UK and is now undergoing a multi-million pound upgrade. Thames Water is leading this upgrade, along with five others and will see the installation of three combined heat and power engines to enhance generation and serviceability.

Royton and Oldham

Another two crucial upgrade projects are underway in the North West at Royton and Oldham, both of which represent the largest upgrades in history, as these wastewater treatment plants have been around since the late 19th century.

Wastewater TreatmentThe £80 Million upgrade at these sites includes moving the majority of the sewer flows from Royton to Chadderton and upgrading the treatment processes to enhance the quality of water within the River Irk. The initial stages of the projects are due to finish in the spring of 2018, with Royton expected for completion in winter 2018.

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